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Media News re trails 2001

Jan. 23, 2001, Lacombe Globe, by Greg Matt
CARTS helping ensure trails in Central Alberta
   Capitalizing on Central Alberta's rich scenery organizations like Central Alberta Regional Trails Society (CARTS) will ensure adequate trails are constructed for residents to enjoy.
Although CARTS does not actually build new walking, hiking and bike trails, they do assist interested groups in organizing and setting them up.
   "We have ended up being a liason between community groups, Alberta Trail Net and the TransCanada trail," said Bill McQuesten, Lacombe Town Councillor and vice-chairman of CARTS.
   CARTS remains in contact with interested groups and then assists them in the type of construction required and any other areas they would need help with.
   In addition, CARTS will help outline the procedures for the designation and development of rural recreational trails in Central Alberta.
   With 50 to 60 members in their organization they try to maintain a blend of those in favor of trails throughout the region and those who have concerns.
   "We have encouraged landowners to get involved, we need input from those who are directly affected," said McQuesten.
   Some of the key issues they have found include who will maintain these trails, who will support them and that they carry adequate insurance coverage.
   McQuesten said that with current laws, if a person was injured while venturing off a trail onto a landowner's property, the landowner could be held liable.
   Alberta should look at recent initiatives in Eastern Canada that made amendments to ensure landowners protection.
   Despite how the law currently works, McQuesten said there are rural landowners who know the value of the trails and would like to see them made available to everyone.
   "There are a number of people in the rural community who are strongly in favor of the trails," said McQuesten.
   CARTS has a meager $2,000 budget, most of which is a lottery grant, but since becoming a society are now eligible to conduct fundraisers to obtain money to develop a pamphlet highlighting the many trails throughout the region.

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